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Our Solutions

We develop scalable software solutions for every operating system, browser and device. By bringing together deep industry expertise and observing the latest trends in your industry, we deliver custom solutions and products that cater to our clients' needs.


Our ERP is a professional web-based accounting system for the entire ERP chain written in PHP, using MySql as a backend database.

We specialise in the implementation of ERP, eCommerce, CRM, Finance Systems, Data Screen Systems and Inventory Management.

Excellent Customer Service

We continually strive to uncover innovative methods to improve customer service.

According to a recent Forbes survey, 70% of buying decisions are influenced by how clients feel they are being treated; therefore, a personalised customer experience is directly proportional to increasing the margins of a business.

Network Solutions

We specialise in network installations and offer a comprehensive suite of stand-alone, as well as supported installations and network configuration services. Each of these solutions is expandable and customisable as per the requirements of our clientele.


Opportunity is everywhere.

Unlock new opportunities faster with the correct solution for your business.

Our focus on launching industry-changing offerings using tried and trusted methods is aimed at helping you scale up seamlessly so your customers don’t skip a beat.

Established with a passion for building clever technology solutions, we have helped many businesses and startups expand and gain quantified levels of momentum within their respective industries. Whether it’s expansion within service verticals or launching new ventures, our technical expertise curates the ideal solution to alleviate the flow caused by many a systematic bottleneck.

We do things differently.

We offer tailor-made software solutions on a global scale to businesses ranging from startups to corporate entities across all industries.

Unique Solutions

We read and analyse the landscape in which your business nests to carefully ideate and implement the solution best suited to your needs with a unique and creative approach.

Experienced Team

We pride ourselves on the disciplines observed by our teams to implement our customised solutions so you benefit directly from the advancements put in play.

24/7 support

You can reach us via. our help desk over a phone call or through our live chat, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any inquiries or concerns pertaining to our solutions.

One Stop Shop

Whether it’s your IT infrastructure services or if you require any other related technology solution, our dedicated teams take care of your systems, so you can focus on your business.

Why Choose us ?

Working with us, you gain access to a pool of qualified technical experts so you may extend your teams quickly build and retain relevant domain expertise, improving your visibility and digital footprint whilst adapting in an agile manner to increase profits all around.

Rabbit IT helps you:
  • Attain high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Attract excellent talent
  • Stay agile across all verticals
  • Manage projects in a comprehensive way

Our Solutions

Customer Service

We assist you in setting up a support center via. multiple contact channels so you may cater to the needs of your customers pre and post-purchase.

Networking Solutions

Our expertise in expanding the framework of your networking solution to ease the flow of information between your systems, and extending to your customers and clients, allows us to create the optimal ecosystem for your business.

Software Development

We provide customized business applications for enterprise imaging and workflow, helping you manage large volumes of information and operational content within your business in the process of launching or scaling up.

Website Design

We strive to offer you business websites of the finest quality to seamlessly integrate all the processes within your organization, and offer your clients and customers an experience to surpass expectations.

eCommerce Solutions

Maximize your margins by reaching your clients and customers with our e-commerce custom solutions. Our services include custom e-commerce web developments for, medium and large-scale businesses in all sectors.

Digital Marketing

As one of the pillars of scaling up digitally. Our digital marketing arm helps generate the required market awareness for your business. SEO, SMM, online advertisements, pay-per-click advertising, SMS and email marketing amongst a plethora of social media services are some of the offerings at your disposal.